Kikusui’s engineering capabilities are the foundation of its industry leadership
Established in 1951, Kikusui Electronics Co., Ltd. has been restructured into a holding company, taking over the company name, development and sales operations. For 71 years, it has been an industry leader in research and development in Japan. As a manufacturer of power supply equipment and measuring instruments, Kikusui has long supported electronics technology. Kikusui wants to evolve with society and keep contributing to raising the quality of life.

Kikusui is your ideal partner for business success
Kikusui provides power supply and measurement solutions with unmatched accuracy, based on solid quality features and offering outstanding performance and reliability. Kikusui is also working on globalizing its service network so that its products can be used by people all over the world.

From the dual perspective of power supply technology and measurement technology, Kikusui has successively created testing and evaluation solutions to support Japanese manufacturing, which is renowned for its high quality. In recent years, Kikusui’s products have been exported to 40 countries around the world, gaining an equal reputation for high quality, performance, and reliability.