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New CoolX1800 series of intelligent modular power supplies from Excelsys delivers up to 1800W

4 months 1 week ago

Excelsys Technologies, an Advanced Energy company, has announced the launch of the CoolX1800, the new, intelligent modular power supply platform, which delivers an incredible 1800W in a compact 10.6in x 5in x 1U package with PMBus™ digital communi

FSP provides industrial users with 550W - 1200W ultra-high power density CRPS

5 months 2 weeks ago

In response to the arrival of the IoT era, power supplies used to support big data operations and automated applications, such as cloud, network communication, storage, enterprise servers and workstations etc., have also transformed.

New low acoustic noise modular 700 to 1200W power supplies from TDK-Lambda have BF ready isolation

6 months 4 weeks ago

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of 700 to 1200 Watt models to the QM series of modular AC-DC power supplies, featuring low acoustic noise and BF ready isolation.