Over the last 30 years, 3Y Power Technology has steadily expanded its product offering and customer base. As a result, 3Y Power Technology has been rewarded with numerous consecutive years of double-digit growth. 3Y Power Technology’s current portfolio of innovative standard products and custom designs, coupled with its core strengths of first-rate engineering, exceptional applications support, and familiarity with intel redundant power specification, allows 3Y Power Technology to provide rapid response to customer needs.

In 2004, FSP Group (Taiwan) invested in 3Y Power Technology. Through this collaboration, both companies are experiencing significant benefits from the synergy of strengths that this union created. When it comes to power supply manufacturing, FSP possesses superior industrial capability.

Few companies truly have both a responsive, nimble, and creative engineering front-end, coupled with a high capacity, low-cost manufacturing back-end. What's more, 3Y Power Technology and FSP’s exceptional front-line engineering support teams provide the highest level of technical competency, which allows them to rapidly address their customers' ongoing needs, including resolution of end-product system related issues.

Continuous improvement

  1. A product, service, or solution which meets or exceeds 3Y Power Technology’s customer’s expectations.
  2. Highly motivated Sales, Engineering, and Quality teams that ensure total customer satisfaction.
  3. Continuous improvement in all that 3Y Power Technology does.