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EA - Elektro-Automatik

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EA-Elektro-Automatik is Germany’s leading manufacturer of laboratory power supplies. EA's selected trade partners in the EU and across all continents deliver its equipment to the farthest corners of the world.

EA's strong market position is the result of a successful company history and continuous development, driven by an exceptional pioneer in the field of power electronics, EA's founder Hans Helmut Nolden. From a family led business it has developed into a mid-size company with a global presence and a world-wide dealer network.

Continuity, reliability and modern switching concepts are the most important core factors of EA's business. 

Direct and fast communication is EA's strength. EA's hierarchy is flat and group based. Its customers value the fast and direct contact which enables their needs and special requirements to be satisfied quickly and efficiently.

EA core activities: Research, development and manufacture of power electronics, with a focus on laboratory power supplies (AC and DC), electronic loads (DC), battery chargers and DC emergency power supplies.

EA's Mission: Technical leadership through the GPI (General Purpose Instrument) in the laboratory power supply segment as well as electronic loads for applications in R & D, industry and training.

EA is serving not only today’s market but is also actively developing new ideas and visions for the product demands of tomorrow. EA works together with its customers, learns about their applications and develops innovative solutions with allrounder ability for a global, continuously changing industry.