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Redundant power supplies

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The continuing rapid growth of the IT and networking sectors has brought about an equally rapid growth in the need for a ever-wide range of reliable, cost-effective redundant power systems.

Divisoft offers a range of systems starting at 150W and going up to 3kW in a 1U package - systems are also available with DC input voltages and for railway applications (EN50155).

Divisoft sells Redundant power supplies from the following manufacturers:
3Y Power (FSP Group), Nipron and Premium.


Manufacturersort descending Series Input type Power Package
YH2301-1CxR (1+1 Sunny series) AC input 300 W 1U Redundant Datasheet
YH2302-3AxR (3+1 Omega series) AC input 3000 W 1U Redundant Datasheet
YM-2301PxR AC input 300 W Redundant module Datasheet
YM-2651BA01R AC input 650 W Redundant module Datasheet
YM-2751DxR AC input 750 W Redundant module Datasheet
YM-6351QxR AC input 350 W Redundant module Datasheet
YH5151-1ExR AC input 150 W 1U Redundant Datasheet
YH5851-1CxR AC input 850 W 1U Redundant Datasheet
YH5152-1BxR AC input 1500 W 2U Redundant Datasheet
YH6351-1NxR AC input 350 W 2U Redundant Datasheet
YH7841-2CxR AC input 840 W 3U Redundant Datasheet
YH6421-1AxR AC input 420 W Mini Redundant Datasheet
YH5451-1ExR DC input 450 W DC/DC Series Datasheet
YH8132-2BxR DC input 1300 W DC/DC Series Datasheet
YM-2451ExR DC input 450 W Redundant module Datasheet
YM-2721ExR DC input 720 W Redundant module Datasheet
YH2451-1CxR (1+1 Sunny series) AC input 450 W 1U Redundant Datasheet
YM-2102FxR AC input 1000 W Redundant module Datasheet
YM-2401FxR AC input 350 W Redundant module Datasheet
YM-2651BxR AC input 650 W Redundant module Datasheet