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  • 54mm width
  • AC/DC: Class I
  • IN: 90-264VAC
  • OUT: 12VDC / 24VDC (MD)
  • Usable with lead-acid batteries
  • Protections against battery reverse polarity, deep discharge, shortcircuit / overload

DIN-rail mountable primary switched-mode power supply with 90-264Vac (110-345Vdc) input, suitable for Single phase main line and DC line. Functions: 1) Power supply: these units can be used as standard power supplies with 12-15V/7A (-12 model) and 24V/5A (-24 model) output rating. 2) Battery charger: for a proper charging the output voltage of the power supply has to be adjusted at ~14V (-12 model) and at ~27V (-24 model). The charging current regulator limits the charging current to ~0.8A. 3) DC UPS function: in case of the power supply incapacity of supplying the load (mains failure or unit failure) the load will continue to receive power from the battery without ANY interruption, until the mains recovers or the battery reaches the “Deep Discharge Voltage” threshold ( 9.5V for -12 Version and 19V for -24 Version).

Manufacturer Nextys
Notes Integrated DIN Rail Single phase / DC input switching power supply, Battery Charger / DC UPS
Power 120 W
Input voltage 100-264Vac
Package DIN-rail
Category UPS/Battery charger modules (without batteries)
Dimensions 54 x 115 x 110 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Manual PDF icon I.S._NCU120_V4-0.pdf
Water-cooled option No

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