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  • Programmable DC Power Supply
  • 210W in 2U
  • Built-in USB, RS-232 & RS-485 Interface
  • Optional Interface: LAN
  • IEEE488.2 SCPI (GPIB) Multi-Drop
  • Isolated Analog Programming

Suitable for bench or 2U rack mounting, the Z+ is a very compact programmable power supply offering power levels of up to 210W, voltages of up to 60V and currents of up to 3.5A. Multiple remote programming methods are available including built-in USB, RS232 & RS485 and optional LAN, GPIB & isolated analogue interfaces. The units can operate in either constant current or constant voltage mode and accepts a wide 85-265Vac input. The product is backed with a five year warranty.

Manufacturer TDK-Lambda
Power 210 W
Input voltage 85-265Vac single phase
Package 2U Rack/bench mount
Category Lab and programmable power supplies
Output voltage 0-60 Vdc
Output current 0-3.5 A
Warranty 5 years
Dimensions 70/105 x 2U x 350 mm
Interface options IEEE488.2 (GPIB), IS510, IS420, LAN (complies with LXI Class C)
Weight 1.9/2.4 kg

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