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EA-ELR 9360-40 HP

  • AC connection: 360-528V, 2- or 3-phase
  • Energy recovery of the supplied DC energy into the local grid
  • Galvanically isolated DC input
  • Input power ratings up to 15kW per unit, expanding to 240kW
  • Input voltages up to 1500V
  • Input currents up to 510A per unit
  • FPGA based digital control
  • Multilingual TFT touch panel
  • User profiles, true function generator
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Master-slave bus for parallel
  • Extra USB port on the front for USB stick
  • Optional, digital, plug & play interfaces or alternatively installed IEEE/GPIB port
  • SCPI command language supported
  • Optional automatic isolation unit

The new series of electronic DC loads with energy recovery to mains, called EA-ELR 9000 HP is an enhancement of the highly acclaimed EA-ELR 9000 series, offering a new voltage class with 360V and increased power classes.These devices incorporate the four common regulation modes constant voltage, constant current, constant power and constant resistance. The FPGA based control circuit provides additional features such as a function generator, a table based regulation circuit for the simulation of non-linear internal resistances.

The energy recovery function converts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local grid. This eliminates the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs at the same time. The large colour TFT touch panel offers a different and intuitive kind of manual operation, compared to other devices. Response times for the control via analog or digital interfaces have been improved by the DSP controlled hardware. In parallel operation of multiple devices, a master-slave bus is used to connect the units to a bigger system where the actual values are totalled and the set values distributed.

Manufacturer EA - Elektro-Automatik
Notes With energy recovery
Input voltage 360-528Vac (2-/3-phase)
Input frequency 45-66Hz
Package 3U Rack mount
Category Electronic loads
Input type AC input
Warranty 2 years
Input power 5000 W
Input voltage DC 0-360 V
Input current 0-40 A
Dimensions 19" x 3U x 669 mm
Interface options Standard on-board 2-way Interface: Analogue 0-5V/0-10V and USB (all galvanically isolated) as well as intelligent Slot, users may retrofit manifold digital interfaces (such as CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, Devicenet, Modbus, Profibus/net and more) themselves at any time
Manual PDF icon Manual in German and English
Water-cooled option No

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