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Nipron is a Japanese designer and manufacturer of high-end power supplies for systems which are based on PC, Server or Embedded Computer technology.

Nipron's product portfolio includes computer power supplies to ATX, SFX, EPS, TFX, POS, CPCI VMEbus standards as well compact units for 1U and 2U rack systems.

All units are characterised by high reliability and long life ratings in  demanding environmental conditions, e.g. ambient temperatures between 50°C and 70°C, lifetime >10 years continuous operation (24 hours x 365 days).

Nipron "Nonstop" power supplies

Nipron's original blackout backup circuit is embedded into its range of "Nonstop" power supplies. With a battery package connected, the power supply can keep providing stable power without any fluctuation even in the event of input problems such as blackout, instantaneous blackout, and voltage drop.

Compared with a traditional UPS solution Nipron's "Nonstop" power supplies offer the following benefits:
1) Space saving
2) Higher efficiency/energy savings

For more information on Nipron's "Nonstop" power supplies please visit their detailed product overview at: