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New, effective electronic loads for laboratory benches from Elektro-Automatik (EA)

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The new EA-EL 3000 B series: functionality tailored to all test procedures

The devices in the EA-EL 3000 B series offer power of 400W, voltage of 80V up to 500V and current up to 60A. In comparison to the previous EL 3000 series, the EL 3000 B loads have been technically further developed: accuracy, stability and an isolated construction between the service and performance parts characterize the new loads. In addition, the HMI is equipped with a 5.2” TFT display. The menu is clearly set out, easy to use and multi lingual. Additional features such as a function generator simplify working with the electronic loads.

Choice of functions

•           Battery test function

•           MPP tracking function

•           Function generator

Application areas:

•           Testing power supplies and DC-DC converters

•           Testing batteries, fuel cells and other energy storage

•           Testing solar panels

Battery test and MPP tracking

A battery test and an MPP tracking function are also integral. During battery testing various paramaeters such as discharge mode, time or cut out criteria can be specified. In addition, user profiles can be saved and loaded such that parameters for repeat applications can be stored and readily retrieved.

The EL 3000 B loads are particularly suited for testing power supplies, DC-DC converters, batteries, fuel cells and solar panels. Overall, the new bench loads score with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Electronic damping

Digital measurement and control is based on a 14 Bit AD/DA converter. Parallel processing of the digital signals enables a control loop span - measure, calculate, set – of less than 4 µs. Thus current, voltage, power and resistance can be concurrently measured with a bandwidth greater than 250 kHz. The DC input circuit of the load contains an active electronic damping. In this way, high current stability is guaranteed and undesirable oscillations are avoided.


All devices are equipped as standard with a Plug & Play slot and can be enhanced with interfaces such as USB, Ethernet or analogue interfaces. All interfaces as well as the operating panel on the front of the unit are galvanically separated from the input.

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