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M-Power-Line - Compact High-Voltage Power Supply from FuG

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FuG's M-Power-Line is a robust, efficient, compact high-voltage power supply at an attractive price.

With its simple operation and easy readability of relevant parameters (set/actual/status), the devices are especially attractive for use in many branches of industry, as well as in research institutes.

Typical applications:

Electron beam applications

The electron beam is used as a high precision tool for welding, illumination of semiconductors or material tests. For guarantying this beam focusing the high steady-state control accuracy of the power supply and the very low ripple of typical 0.01% is obligatory necessary.

Electrostatic applications

In the separation of materials for example special power supplies are used for the reason that the electrostatic separators can run under extremely conditions (high temperature, dirt) with high reliability. The endurance tests of every supply guarantees highest reliability for the later application and avoids failures.

Laboratory power supplies

For working reliable with an electronic microscope at the laboratory the power supply has to achieve special conditions. Parameter as a very high power density and large protection functions (short circuits) are part of this. The device also has to be available with a low ripple and high efficiency.

High-voltage test rigs

Superconducting Coils needs special regulation and safety functions and have complex requirements to the power supply. A minimal current ripple factor guarantees an optimal result to the application.

Capacitor chargers

A high repeatability and frequency are features of this class of devices. The load with constant power and without an overshot is important for this application.

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