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FSP releases slim 330W high wattage fanless external power supply

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Due to the increasing demands of equipment in the AIoT field, such as industrial application systems, visual computing, embedded systems, charging systems, and human-machine interactive systems, the market is continually seeking power supplies with the best specifications. The need for high-wattage external power supplies is also increasing every day due to considerations such as high stability, high efficiency, fanless design, low noise, ease of replacement, convenient maintenance, and much more.

FSP Group has been at the heart of the power supply field for almost 30 years, and has accumulated knowledge and expertise for the development of different power supplies in different industries. Our external power supply product lines carry the most complete range of wattage, and we provide different specifications such as wall-plug, desktop, slim, and USB PD to meet different industry needs.

In order to satisfy the equipment requirements for the AIoT field, FSP has broken through the R&D bottleneck and released a slim 330W high wattage fanless external power supply. This slim design model has a height of only 27mm and allows users to save equipment space. Enclosure design reduces noise and is dust-proof. This series of products has already met the newest IEC 62368-1 safety specifications and is able to satisfy the safety requirements of audio, video, information, and communication technology equipment. FSP has always been committed to providing the newest products to best meet customer needs.

Product Features:

Input Voltage : AC 100-240V


Certified IEC 62368-1 & IEC 60950-1

Meet Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2

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