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FSP provides industrial users with 550W - 1200W ultra-high power density CRPS

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In response to the arrival of the IoT era, power supplies used to support big data operations and automated applications, such as cloud, network communication, storage, enterprise servers and workstations etc., have also transformed. The various power supply products on the market have developed towards having features such as higher efficiency, higher power density and being equipped with intelligent functions. In order to unify the size of the many server power supplies available on the market, Intel revised the version 2.0 power design principles in May 2017 which specify the latest CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply) size and other hardware functions, which became the design guidelines of the server power supplies currently available on the market. In light of this, the FSP Group has invested massive R&D resources to develop complete wattage CRPS series products to provide industrial users with assured power solutions. 

FSP Group’s CRPS products not only come in single modules mainly for ODM customers, there are also 2U CRPS ERS series products available. Currently, there are five specifications of 2U CRPS, including 550W / 600W / 700W / 800W / 1200W, and another 1600W single module, higher wattage 2200W module is also under development. FSP Group’s CRPS power modules are equipped with multiple features:

Supports clockwise and counter-clockwise fan rotation demands

Supports simultaneous operation of a maximum of 4 power supply units using parallel connection 

Supports standard CRPS gold finger signal output

Allows timely firmware updates and customization requirements 

Provides several AC/DC input voltage selections (48V, 270V & 336V)

Achieved the shortest size specification (185mm) of the industry’s CRPS standard

Supports cold redundancy and SMART, saving more power for the system

Supports the N+1 hot-swappable mechanism. When there is a malfunction, a single power supply can still maintain normal operation while the malfunctioning power supply is changed, in order to ensure that normal operation of the server host is not interrupted due to power loss

Because of its proud professional R&D capabilities, all of the FSP Group’s CRPS products have high power density, in which the power density of the 1600W even reached as high as 47.6 W/inch3, which is significantly higher than other similar products in the market. In addition, not only does it support the standard PMBus 1.2 communication protocol, the FSP Group also has professional firmware writing capability to develop management software for its partners, allowing IT administrators to monitor the operation status of the power supply in real-time, increasing the stability of the data center and ensuring that each CRPS product can exert maximum efficacy. 

FSP Group CRPS uses a unique active PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit design and high-load electrical components so that it can be used perfectly in industrial environments. And the 2U ERS series of products’ output current has been integrated into the back panel of the system, eliminating the trouble of layout for users. In terms of efficiency, the ERS series have all reached 80PLUS Platinum certification (reached 94% efficiency under 50% load), the operating altitude complies with 3C 5Km certification, they are equipped with OTP / OVP / OCP / SCP circuit protection; comply with FCC / CB / TUV / CE / CCC certifications or claim requirements; achieved the latest safety and EMC standards. With all the CRPS features, multiple efficiency and safety protection features listed above, the FSP Group’s 2U CRPS ERS series products are the best power supply selections for enterprise users. 

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