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EA Elektro-Automatik releases bidirectional laboratory power supply series with energy recovery - power supply and electronic load in one device

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The PSB 9000 bidirectional laboratory power unit from EA Elektro-Automatik combines a power supply and an electronic load with energy recovery in one unit. This enables a reduction in both the energy and investment costs to be achieved. 

The PSB 9000 bidirectional power supply satisfies many requirements in one device. Primarily it is a power supply unit. In addition, the PSB 9000 fulfils the function of an electronic load, collecting energy and feeding it back into the mains net. The parameters for the power supply as well as those for the electronic load may be adjusted flexibly.

As a power source, the PSB 9000 bidirectional power supply can charge and discharge batteries, fuel cells and other energy storages. For this the user can call on multiple integral functions such as battery test mode, an arbitrary generator and a motor vehicle starting curve. As the internal resistance is adjustable, the mode of operation of batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaic modules may be reproduced. In this way, the PSB 9000 supports the development of motor vehicle, hybrid and railway drives.

Furthermore, the EA-PSB 9000 power unit can also feed the energy absorbed in a test process, e.g. on a drive test rig, back into the power source. Here the device must often handle considerable energy with a high dynamic. The EA-PSB 9000 series are capable of collecting this energy with low loss, and therefore environmentally sound, and feeding it back into the AC net. Thus, these appliances not only save energy costs but also the investment costs for other electronic or conventional loads.

Modular and flexible up to 15 kW:

The bidirectional power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik are of modular format. They allow power of up to 15kW with a flexible output of e.g. 500V and 90A in a 3 U rack. EA Elektro-Automatik offers a wide range of units with output voltages of 60V to 1500V and current of 20A to 360A. Additionally, up to 16 units can be connected to create a system of up to 240kW. This could then be controlled via a four language HMI or remotely via interface. As standard, an analogue port, a USB port, SCPI and Modbus are built in. Via a plug & Play slot further interface can be installed. All interface inputs together with the HMI are galvanically isolated.

For more information on the EA-PSB 9000 series please click here to view the datasheet - for further information please contact us at or look at the individual unit pages on this site under "Lab and programmable power supplies".