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Daitron releases latest generation of Ultra Low Noise Power Supplies

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Daitron has released its latest generation of Ultra Low Noise power supplies. The new LFS series is available in two power ratings - 50W and 150W - and each series has the following output voltage options: 5V, 12V 15V, 24V, 30V and 48V. All outputs have ultra low ripple noise - 10mV p-p (5-30V) and 13mVp-p (48V).

The LFS series is the ideal solution for solution for engineers who need very low noise for their sensitive applications. The Ultra Low Noise feature can bring engineers small, light weight and high efficiency with the ultra low noise feature typical of linear power supplies.

The low conduction noise and low EMI feature can also save resources for EMI design.

With its low leakage current - 50µA @ 100Vac, 60Hz - and 60601-1 certification the LFS series is an excellent choice for medical applications.

Other applications include:

NanoTechnology Instruments

Medical Diagnosis

Inspection Machine

Audio Equipment

RF transceiver

For more information on the LFS series please do not hesitate to contact us - further data can also be found on this website by clicking on the links below:

LFS 50A series

LFS 150A series