Phihong is a global leader in the development of world-class power solutions. A leading supplier of power adapters, power supplies, LED drivers, lighting controllers, and Power over Ethernet products, Phihong proudly serves OEMs in the medical, datacom, telecom, personal electronics, industrial, networking, and lighting markets, and has a truly global reach, with design labs, manufacturing facilities, and sales support centers in California, New York, The Netherlands, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

50 Years of History in the Power Supplies Industry
Since its founding in 1972, Phihong has emerged as a prominent power supply company, serving as a key supplier of solutions for consumer, mobile/portable, enterprise, telecom, datacom, and industrial applications.

Engineering Excellence
The latest technologies is used for products to meet demanding performance and reliability standards while complying with international regulatory standards.

Quality Solutions
Products meeting strict quality standards are manufactured at ISO 9001 and 9002, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certified facilities.

Reliable Cost-Effective Solutions
Manufacturing at ISO certified factories in Asia coupled with economies of scale allows Phihong to provide reliable solutions at cost-effective prices.