Nipron was founded in 1970 with innovation as its main purpose. Nipron’s business dreams are filled with insight into the future and has been a leading manufacturer of power supplies in Japan. Nipron’s lineup includes AC/DC power supplies, medical power supplies, ATX power supplies, UPS function embedded ATX power supplies and backup solutions.

Nipron provides solutions to a wide range of high-end industries including IPC, servers, medical devices, factory automation, testing and measurement, inspection, money handling, transportation, amusement, and telecommunication.

Nipron is a partner of customers who do not compromise reliability of the power supply.

As a global leader in the development of nonstop power supplies (power-outrage preventive and uninterruptable ATX power supplies, Nipron makes products that protect information technology resources. Nipron delivers the latest in extremely reliable, long-lasting, second-generation ATX power supplies.

Nipron is leading the field in becoming fully lead-free. In accordance with the RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous substances) directive. By significantly cutting energy loss Nipron is hoping to be a pioneer in the prevention of global warming.