Powering your innovation
Flex Power Modules designs and manufactures high efficiency board-mounted DC/DC converters targeting the telecom, data center, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial, and railway market segments.

Flex’s customers' success is its number one priority - Flex strives to help you gain a competitive advantage in your business area and to lead the game. Flex power your innovations and your future products. The emphasis in production is on the highest levels of quality as well as on highly automated-production processes with the capabilities to quickly adapt to market conditions.

Flex is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has design centers in Kalmar, Sweden and Shanghai, China. The latter is also Flex’s production site which has delivered more than 120 million power modules during the last 45 years.

In order to support its customers, Flex has an extensive network of technical sales people as well as field application engineers covering Americas, Asia and Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Flex is contributing
Flex Power Modules is a founding member of the Power Stamp Alliance, which was formed to define a standard product footprint and function that provide a multiple-sourced, standard modular board-mounted for Power Conversion from a nominal 48 volt input to an output of low voltage at high current with on-board isolation and non-isolation DC/DC power converters. These 48V direct conversion DC/DC modules—or 'power stamps'—primarily target devices being used in large data centers many of which are following the principles of the Open Compute Project (OCP).