Delta, founded in 1971, is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions. As an energy-saving solutions provider with core competencies in power electronics and automation, Delta's business categories include Power Electronics, Mobility, Automation, and Infrastructure. Headquartered in Taiwan, Delta regularly invests over 8% of its annual sales revenues in R&D and has worldwide R&D facilities in China, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the U.S.

Corporate Mission
To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. Delta offers some of the most energy efficient power products in the industry, including switching power supplies with efficiency over 90%, telecom power with up to 98%, and PV inverters with up to 99.2% efficiency.

Delta is devoted to innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, particularly those that are high-efficiency and energy-saving. Aiming to reduce global warming and ensure mankind's sustainable future with better value and performance.

Research and Development on Global Scale
Delta established Delta Research Center (DRC) in 2013 to respond to changing technological trends and to enhance its research and development capacity. DRC focuses on developing products and solutions in areas such as smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, information and communication technology, and life sciences.