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Embedded power supplies

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Embedded power supplies are available in many formats:

- Open-frame
- U-bracket
- Enclosed/with integral cover
- DIN-rail
- PCB mounted
- Rack mounted

In addition to the Standard range of products which are suitable for most applications we also sell a range of units with Medical approvals (EN60601) and units suitable for Heavy-Duty/Harsh Environment applications.

Divisoft sells embedded AC/DC power supplies from the following manufacturers:
3Y Power, Calex, Cotek, Daitron, Dehner, Delta, EOS, Excelsys, FSP, Nextys, Nipron, Phihong, Premium, Protek, Sinpro, Sunny, TDK-Lambda, Vox Power



Manufacturer Series Powersort descending Outputs Input voltage Package Application
NPSW25 25 W 1 90-550Vac DIN-rail Standard Datasheet
PSA25LS 25 W 1 85-260Vac Open-frame Standard Datasheet
DRS-5V50W1NZ 25 W 1 85-264Vac DIN-rail Datasheet
SPS025 25 W 1 85-264Vac Enclosed Standard Datasheet
SPSG025 25 W 1 90-264Vac Enclosed Standard Datasheet
KWS25A 25 W 1 85-265Vac PCB-mounted Standard Datasheet
PSA25L-1 25 W 1 90-264Vac Open-frame Standard Datasheet
PM25-2 25 W 2 85-264Vac Open-frame Medical Datasheet
PSA25L-2 25 W 2 90-264Vac Open-frame Standard Datasheet
LS25 25 W 1 88-264Vac Enclosed Standard Datasheet
PM25-3 25 W 3 85-264Vac Open-frame Medical Datasheet
PSA25L-3 25 W 3 90-264Vac Open-frame Standard Datasheet
DPP25 25 W 1 85-264Vac DIN-rail Standard Datasheet
GE-25 25 W 1 88-264Vac Enclosed Standard Datasheet
PM25-1 28 W 1 85-264Vac Open-frame Medical Datasheet
DSP30 30 W 1 90-264Vac DIN-rail Standard Datasheet
ZWS30B 30 W 1 85-265Vac Open-frame Standard Datasheet
PJ-12V30W 30 W 1 85-264Vac Datasheet
DRS-5V50W1AZ 30 W 1 85-264Vac DIN-rail Datasheet
MTW30 30 W 3 85-265Vac Open-frame Standard Datasheet